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I hope you’re all doing well. Sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted on the blog. I’ve been super busy adjusting to my new home in New York City.
In this blog post,I’m going to be sharing with you my three favorite restaurants with gluten free options in New York. Why gluten free you might ask ? Long story short, I have Celiac Disease. When I was first diagnosed with celiac and was told I had to have a gluten-free diet for the rest of my life, I felt extremely happy and relieved. I had been so sick for years that I was thrilled to finally know what was wrong with me. Although, my next reaction was quite confusing. What the hell is gluten and what can I eat ?  It took me so long to make my way around the super market during my first shopping trip. After only a few days of doing the gluten-free diet, I started feeling better. Within a week all the gastro intestinal pains that I was having diminished. However, even though I was getting many positive effects  the first few months, I was scared, overwhelmed, and extremely pissed off because I had to give up most of the food I loved.  One thing was certain from reading about Celiac Disease online: I would never eat in a restaurant again.. or so I thought. Once I kept researching I found out that there are many restaurants that are Gluten free or have gluten free options, especially here in New York!

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This restaurant is a corner Italian spot right across the street from City College of New York on 139th st. This is one of my favorite gluten free restaurants to go to for lunch! It’s an attractive, white-walled space with marble countertops, lots of plants, and big bright photographs covering the walls. The menu offers many different Italian favorites with a wide selection of gluten free options. All the pizzas and pastas are able to be ordered gluten free. I recommend their gluten free parma pizza or their spaghetti funghi.
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This yummy restaurant is tucked away on Elizabeth Street just off of Houston. They describe their food as “homestyle comfort food,” made from 100% organic ingredients and prepared fresh daily. Better yet, the menu is huge and there is nothing I love more than a restaurant that has a lot of choices that suit my no-bread life.This is one of the best restaurants that caters to my gluten-free needs because everything on their menu can be made gluten free.I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of a burger in a healthy eating restaurant.  It was deliciously seasoned and cooked to perfection.I also noticed many people going to the bar at Siggy’s and ordering juices, smoothies and food to go. I’m not a juice gurl, but this is the perfect grab and go option for people who are. Siggy’s is one of those places that proves  eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring and tasteless food
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This chic space is located at the edge of Nolita focused on delivering conventional dining with a creative atmosphere and delicious meals for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It’s rare that I walk into a place and instantly like it. The ambiance here is stunning. It’s a gorgeous white washed brick space with lots of light wood, creative touches, and natural light. Not everything on their menu was gluten free, although they have a huge selection. De Maria is all about mixing healthy and hearty dishes. I went for brunch and ordered the steak and eggs. Loved it!
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